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The story of blood diamonds is largely quite simple, however just the term blood diamonds brings up horrendous photos of humans who’ve been subjected to unthinkable acts forced upon them by their very own countrymen. I will use the time period, blood diamonds, to consult diamonds introduced to marketplace at some stage in the bloody civil struggle that happened in Sierra Leone at some point of the 90’s and that sooner or later came to an lead to 2002. The amount of blood diamonds produced in the course of this period become a fairly small quantity in comparison to overall international manufacturing but it changed into enough to be a part of the investment for the rebels.

A piece of heritage…
I will simplify the story a bit on the way to give some backdrop to what led up to this sad period of the human race. Sierra Leone was a British colony that won independence inside the early 60’s. Sierra Leone started off on its independence pretty properly, because it had a exceedingly right infrastructure and it had already been mining diamonds since the 1930’s. In the late 60’s, a high minister by the name of Siaka Stevens got here into workplace. He proceeded to run the usa into the floor till he and his successor have been ultimately out of office through 1992. It changed into within the late 80’s and early 90’s that the anti-government organization, the ruf, turned into fashioned. For the next four years, there has been an ineffectual string of corrupt military human beings running the country. It was at some point of this era that the ruf moved into the diamond producing vicinity of jap Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s diamonds are alluvial in nature… Alluvial diamonds are deposits of diamonds determined in lowlands regions, in old river beds, inside the beds of streams and shallow rivers. Diamonds are formed deep inside the earth and are available to the surface via manner of volcanic eruptions and the resulting mountain of cooled lava ends up being eroded away with the aid of rain. The diamond difficult is washed away and finally ends up in alluvial deposits. Most alluvial diamonds are usually determined among some feet to 20 feet underneath the surface. Relatively little capital and handiest primary era (shovels, sieves, and muscle tissue) are required to mine alluvial diamonds. These alluvial diamond mining areas are without difficulty controlled by means of armed thugs.

In 1995, a set of “gunslingers” from south Africa, known as government outcomes, had been hired and that they wiped clean up the hassle of the ruf being inside the diamond fields. The un stepped in, elections have been held in 1996, and a former un reliable, Ahmad Tejan Kebbah, became elected the new president. Executive consequences turned into requested to go away and in short order, the diamond generating place of Kono turned into again taken over with the aid of the ruf.

A terrible duration in records!
It turned into at this factor that the ruf started out the horrendous act of slicing off people’s fingers!!!! Why?… Because they’d voted all through the recent election! Amputations had been designed to terrorize the populace and it became very powerful. It wasn’t but an action directly related to the diamond mining operations. It is the picture of those brutal acts that has been all the time related to “blood diamonds”.

During the following 6 year period, the ruf teamed up with every other thug, Charles Taylor, who changed into pillaging Sierra Leone’s next door neighbor, Liberia. Together the two companies were inquisitive about strength and could kill or terrorize everybody who were given of their way. Blood diamonds become a part of their economic and terror marketing campaign. It finally came to a head, after the ruf had come into freetown and went on a nightmarish killing spree. The British then despatched commandos into Sierra Leone to settle the state of affairs in 2002.

The human beings of Sierra Leone are looking to circulate on but…
Humans have become privy to the blood diamond state of affairs, they took motion, the civil warfare ended in 2002 and now the human beings of Sierra Leone have moved on and are looking to rebuild their country. An critical funding supply of their rebuilding efforts comes from the money brought in from diamond mining.

There are people within the jewelry commercial enterprise who are seeking to make the scenario better for every body… Most notably, martin rapaport. There are 2 movies embedded on my internet site that specify a number of the moves which might be starting to take region.

Being politically accurate is never a great concept…
There are individuals who aren’t supporting the state of affairs of the Africans looking to modernize their international locations. Some politically accurate people, the “blood diamond Nazis”, are railing towards the concept of everyone buying or proudly owning a diamond due to the fact in their minds they see terrible atrocities each time that they have a look at any diamonds, they see “blood diamonds”. It has grow to be their venture to unfold the phrase by using disseminating out dated records that are not accurate and it’s far those “information” that do loads of damage to the millions of people in these rising nations. These “blood diamond Nazis” will not relaxation till each person stops purchasing and wearing diamonds. They are in the long run hurting the Africans that they declare they are seeking to assist.

There are some suppliers of diamonds and diamond simulants which are taking gain of every body’s disdain of the idea of blood diamonds by using selling the fact that it’s miles their merchandise which are the opportunity to blood diamonds… Most substantially the people who promote diamond simulants (cubic zirconia or moissanite) or who promote “moral diamonds” from regions aside from africa. In addition, there are some agencies that also want to maintain the concept of blood diamonds alive in human beings’s minds… They do that by and large for fund raising functions-
— “you can help put a forestall to blood diamonds with the aid of sending for your donation now!?”
— “attention site owners!, make a donation to our attempt and you could placed this “forestall blood diamonds!” Logo in your internet site to reveal your site visitors which you simply care approximately the humans of sierra Leone!”
When you go to these businesses’ web sites… Their “up to date” reference cloth approximately blood buying wedding rings online is from 1998 to 2001 and a number of the statistics even dates again to 1982.

It is fantastic that some human beings are the use of pictures of sierra Leone amputees to sell buying Canadian “moral diamonds”, or to promote buying diamond stimulants, or used for fund elevating purposes. Anytime you see those pics be conscious that these human beings are looking to control you on the identical time that they’re assisting handiest themselves and now not supporting the people in the pictures! These human beings, the “now not for profit” ngos and the for profit agencies, they need you to accept as true with that there is presently a blood tub happening in parts of Africa and this example can totally be blamed on war diamonds. I have in no way visible a photo or a video of, or heard a report about a piece of diamond rough choosing up a rifle and killing someone. People did all of those horrible things to different human beings.

Where can we pass from right here?
Sierra Leone’s warfare is over, sierra Leone’s blood diamonds are within the beyond. The amount of “struggle diamonds” most effective bills for 0.02% of yearly international diamond production… This might make it extraordinarily not likely which you’d ever come across a struggle diamond! If you looked at one diamond an afternoon, each unmarried day, it’d take 13.7 years earlier than you will stumble upon a war diamond… I guess it is approximately the same hazard of getting struck by lightning!

Today, the African humans want the rest of the arena to take a look at diamonds as matters of splendor and for humans to be ok with diamonds! To inspire humans to no longer buy any diamonds or to discriminate against African diamonds in choose of “ethical diamonds” from non-African countries does no longer assist the human beings in Africa build hospitals, roads, and faculties.

Several years in the past, I had the honour of hearing a speech from Erkki Nghimtina, Namibian minister of mines and power. I referred lower back to my notes, together with a few informational handouts from the speech… And right here is the African’s modern view of the diamond trade-

“Every diamond no longer bought is a overlooked chance for Africa – a missed opportunity to ship greater children to highschool, construct more clinics and hospitals, and retain the fight towards hiv/aids. Our venture is to work together to reinforce the continent’s diamond industry in order that we can better offer for our people, enabling us all to share a brighter future.”

Bud Boland has been within the jewelry commercial enterprise for 40 years and has performed the entirety from watchmaking, diamond putting, earrings making, and has been a Gemologist for nearly 35 years. He is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA, which is likewise the location where he turned into a Resident Diamond Instructor. He has taught approximately diamonds to loads of college students from everywhere in the international. He is presently devoted to producing the simplest diamond buying manual all of us would ever need… Unbiased recommendation from inside of the jewelry enterprise.

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