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Today we are able to communicate about high load websites: mainly approximately excessive load begin-up making plans with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Questions that I plan to cowl in this article are the following:

Can WordPress be used for excessive load บาคาร่า websites or not?
What are execs and cons for deciding on WordPress?
What are the ability troubles that I will possibly face whilst my site visitors hit the ceiling?
Can WordPress be used for excessive load web sites or now not?

Currently WordPress is the most popular loose content material management device available at the Internet. As builtwith.Com states there are 4,488,777 websites using WordPress. 317,253 websites are inside the most visited sites on the Internet.

If you study the information carefully you will discover that business and leisure web sites have the largest share. This manner that there are masses of successful web sites jogging on WordPress and for certain huge a part of them have high site visitors and excessive load.

Most extremely good instance for me is CNN Political Ticker. But there are greater.

So the solution to the first question is pretty clean. Yes, WordPress can be used for building high load web sites!

What are pros and cons for deciding on WordPress?
…Blessings and bottlenecks of this choice

Pros. It’s loose! It’s smooth customizable, and there are armies of freelance WordPress programmers that will help you in customizing or adding a brand new characteristic for your website.

It has very big network that plays bug tracking and periodically updates the middle of WordPress, that is again free and you could update your website center free of fee.

There are masses of free and non-loose plug-ins written for WordPress. The most important plug-in for non-English web sites I expect is a multilingual plug-in. I’ve for my part faced this trouble usually with different CMS structures. Currently not one of the unfastened CMS systems have good and stable multilingual aid except for WordPress. Plug-in is called WPML. I personally sold this plug-in for two of my customers that asked for a multilingual internet site.

To say the reality, this become the most effective determining component, for me to pick out WordPress for those web sites. Because I wanted some thing lite and strong. So that I can setup this type of website in couple of days. For a small, non stressful website this is certainly essential.

Cons: WordPress is open source CMS, because of this that every one can view PHP codes of the gadget. From time to time people find bugs inside the machine and submit these insects in public boards and worm-tracks. Later WordPress group fixes the malicious program and releases update as a way to repair it. And if for a few purpose you’ve got missed a critical update your internet site turns into liable to attacks.

So, you or your webmaster ought to always observe computer virus-song and make updates on time to maintain your website up-to this point and comfy. As I stated updates are free. But! Not all updates may be installed with out extra headache and pain. Some updates want to be planned very well and examined in a checking out environment. Some plug-ins can brake due to the replace of the WordPress middle. Some updates could not be carried out routinely and you want a clever man to hack the code and make manual update and huge restoration.

All the opposite cons I will list under the second section: potential troubles.

What are the capacity issues that I will possibly face when my visitors hit the ceiling?

First: Default WordPress setup isn’t optimized for excessive load. There are several reasons for this. By default nobody knows what plug-ins you’re going to have for your website. This manner you need to manually carry out optimizations duties like combining CSS, JavaScript documents, serving zipped content with caching of static gadgets.

Second: Nobody knows what number of one-of-a-kind blocks of content material you want to apply for your internet site. Which approach that can be you need 3 and occasionally four exclusive sizes of the same photo to display in different blocks. This manner which you should either have the equal photo scaled and distorted for distinct blocks or you have to upload the same image with 3, four distinctive sizes. Or… You gonna hack the middle of WordPress and make this scaling manner pragmatically. So in both case you have to do lots of undertaking to gain this.

Third: Nobody guarantees that your WordPress will nevertheless serve pages while your traffic hits two hundred or three hundred visits consistent with 2d, even when you have sold a dedicated server. WordPress core needs a severe optimization obligations to be completed on the way to be abel to live on below high load.


I don’t want to scare you. You can go for WordPress, but just recollect to hire an excellent representative as a way to recognize your future wishes and might define the movement plan or a trade listing that needs to be implemented in your website to make certain that at least in nearest future you’ll not have overall performance problems.

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